SMS notification of unpaid renewal of service

Did you receive a SMS alert with information about an unpaid renewal of service and do not know what to do next? We can help.

Important contacts:

  • tel.: +420 530 331 331 (work days from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
  • e-mail: (every day, including weekends and holidays)

Why did we send you a text message?

A month before the end of a prepaid service period, we send each customer an e-mail about the possibility of renewing the service. The smooth running of your website is crucial to us, so if we do not have any information from you, we tend to let the services run after the expiration of the prepaid period. We also try to contact you via text message to avoid termination of services without your knowledge.

How should I proceed with service renewal?

If you wish to renew your services, we would first of all like to thank you for your trust and will do our best to keep you satisfied.

If you do not have an email with an invoice, or a link to pay for services, just send an e-mail to and we will ensure that you receive the information. We will also help you with any updates to your contact information.

Do you want to stop using our services?

If you do not wish to renew your service, for whatever reason, we would appreciate if you would let us know. We will not continue sending you information about renewing it.


This ONEbit hosting knowledge base is incomplete in English, and we are still expanding it.
You can find it complete here (in Czech).