How to Order an SSL Certificate

FreeSSL certificate

FreeSSL certificates provide a basic level of security for your website traffic and are provided free of charge. To order a FreeSSL certificate for an existing hosted account, please send an authorized request directly from the ONEadmin administration page. In order to run the certificate on our servers, and to renew it regularly, you need to meet simple deployment conditions. You can further specify in the request for which FQDN (full domain name, such as you wish to deploy the certificate. If no FQDN is specified, we will issue the certificate for a, but we are able to add another FQDN at a later time.

We monitor the certificates throughout their validity, while ensuring their regular renewal to avoid unwanted communication failures with the encrypted https protocol.

Paid SSL certificates

For commercial web applications, such as an e-shop with order form, payment gate, etc., we recommend choosing a paid SSL certificate from a recognized certification authority. In our offer, you will find certificates from the well-known and proven certification authority GlobalSign. The certificate can be ordered directly from the or by authorized request from the ONEadmin administration page. For these types of certificates, domain owner information is required directly from the WHOIS domain database:

Just contact us if you do not know where to find this data. We will let you know about the data your domain is currently running and if it is inconsistent with the certificate you are considering. We will be happy to assist you with the revision of data in the registry.

After completing the formalities, we will issue a pro forma invoice, after which we will order the payment. This passes through approval, and is automatically deployed on the server after processing. We will also send you an accounting document.


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